Solutions Health and Fitness’ Sophia Buckley raised money for victims of the recent Nepal earthquake crisis by taking part in a gruelling five-hour spinning challenge.

Croydon-based Sophia Buckley decided to take her Nepal fundraising challenge one step further recently by enlisting the help of Solutions Health and Fitness.

22-year-old Sophia, Front House Manager at Solutions in Croydon, had originally planned on volunteering in Nepal to broaden her horizons. After seeing the devastation of the earthquake on 12th May, she decided to raise money to fund a trip to Nepal with a five-hour ‘spinathon’ in the health club on 13th June.

The gruelling marathon put Solutions’ facilities to the test as a number of keen-spirited volunteers took to the bikes over a period of five hours. General Manager Paul Colwell said: “It was a very light-hearted afternoon with cakes and sweets all round. Sophia managed to complete almost four hours of spinning.

“We had a number of generous donations from our members, one of whom donated £200 and one who donated an incredible £500.”

Sophia has smashed her original fundraising target of £1,500, raising £2,500 so far in donations from health club members and those within the local community. The trip, scheduled by Volunteers Initiative Nepal, will see her travelling to Nepal in mid-July, where she’ll be involved in construction projects across Kathmandu.

She said: “We’ve been brought up in a society where we have everything but we still want more.

“When I was watching the news, I was thinking those people had hardly anything.”

To donate to Sophia’s fundraising page, visit: