Are you looking for a new partner to manage your lettings or ways to increase revenue from your school space outside of school hours?


If you are considering developing any type of gym, health club, spa or any leisure facility or if you believe you are not maximising your return from current leisure assets then 3d can help.


We are a registered BACS approved bureau and we process direct debit collections. We currently process on a monthly basis collecting from over 250,000 members providing a hassle-free solution to collecting your monthly membership income.


3d can develop a comprehensive marketing strategy to meet your objectives and budget. A detailed promotion plan will include all social media management and SMS campaigns. All promotion costs are identified and a return on investment analysis offers feedback to measure success.


Our service is not a one size fits all approach and we will always get to know our clients and their objectives and then we adapt what we do to suit their specific needs in their unique environment.


Staying healthy and active when away from the gym can be hard, but 3d Leisure at Home has you covered. 

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