3d can create an employee survey to establish their overall wellbeing which is key to performance.

The Wellbeing Survey can be set up within existing platforms or as a standalone questionnaire which will offer all employees the opportunity to have their say and be heard, the opportunity to highlight any wellbeing concerns.

The survey is quick and simple and can be completed online.

Once the Wellbeing Survey is completed a summary report will be created with graphical analysis and recommendations for action.

In our experience the level of response received from the surveys will be dependent on several issues:

  • How the survey is marketed
  • The platform used for completing the survey
  • Any incentives to complete
  • Time needed to complete
  • Follow up mechanism

3d support you to develop an effective communication campaign to maximise responses.

The total time scale would be 4 weeks. We would suggest that the survey is promoted for 1 week prior to going live, then a 2 week period to enable completion with regular encouragement to participate offered and then 1 week for the results to be compiled and published.

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