Private health club management services
– we can help you maximise your profit

If you are a private club owner and you don’t feel that you are maximising the profit from your facility then we can help.


We carry out a business health check. We review all your current operating systems and identify the commercial potential of the club.


We produce a no obligation report summarising our findings and identifying a strategy to deliver optimum results.


We offer a full management service or we can offer support in key areas such as marketing and sales.


We can save you time and hassle by providing access to suppliers relevant to your business. We have been able to secure substantial discounts with suppliers that individual or small groups can not obtain. Our clients benefit from these discounts and include suppliers from the following areas:

  • Gym Equipment supply and services
  • Membership Management
  • Pool care
  • Promotional Merchandise and Uniform

Are you paying too much VAT?

If you currently operate a leisure club in your hotel you may be paying too much VAT on your membership income. Where an organisation offers annual membership and allows members to defer subscription payment for an additional charge over and above the subscription, the charge is consideration for the exempt grant of credit. On a no win no fee basis we will be able to assess your business and work on your behalf to potentially claim back any over payments in VAT. You may be able to claim back up to 4 years which could be a considerable sum. We have had a 100% success rate with all of our clients that have been through the process and claimed back overpaid VAT.

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