When launching or developing your wellness strategy, a good starting point is to establish where you are now with the overall wellbeing of your team.

The first part of the health check is a lifestyle assessment which is completed online and then a booking is  made for a confidential 10 minute appointment which measures BMI, blood pressure and a blood prick allows for cholesterol and blood glucose levels to be identified.

Results are analysed and immediate guidance is offered.

Everyone will then receive a full confidential personal report which is created using a traffic light system: green representing a good level of health, amber, requiring improvement and red requiring immediate attention. The report will identify areas to improve and will help engage the individual to act providing them with the information they need to take responsibility for their own wellbeing

We also provide a group data report which will offer a snapshot of the overall health of the participants of this process; this could be broken down by location and department for comparison.

Checks can be offered as part of a health day initiative and to maximise participation a high profile marketing campaign using pop ups, intranet platforms, leaflets, posters etc. and direct mail where possible will be developed.

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