Make your Spa reach its full potential with 3d

With leisure and spa facilities becoming a prerequisite for both corporate and leisure guests, more hotels are developing ever more sophisticated spa facilities to attract these guests and generate additional profit streams.

Income is driven not only through the provision of treatments and associated day spa programmes but also by supporting resident occupancy and associated secondary spend.

Spa Management

3d provide ongoing management to ensure the spa reaches its full potential by providing a complete management service or by supporting clients in key areas, for example sales and marketing.

3d can maximise your spa income by ensuring that the treatment menu and associated mid-week and day programme packages suit your particular market. Working very closely with both the software and product house suppliers we get the best support, helping to raise your brand awareness and overall spa offering.

A comprehensive marketing strategy is created, embracing the culture and brand of the spa, which includes a promotion plan for all media including digital e-marketing. 3d ensures that the spa’s communication and promotion is cost effective.

A sales system is introduced to maximise the number of conversions from prospects to customers. All staff are trained in its effective delivery and we monitor and drive the sales effort daily. With every appointment we aim to deliver exceptional service, ensuring customers are able to leave the spa not only having enjoyed a fantastic experience but wanting to refer us to friends and family to help support the future growth of the business.

Results are achieved by working to proven policies and procedures with quality motivated therapists who provide world class service with every treatment.

Operating costs are minimised because we have created our own buying group, with over 200 clubs and spas giving us leverage in purchasing leisure specific items for our clients.

Clients will be delegating not abdicating the management of the spa to a dedicated specialist team who can get the best return from the spa whilst working in partnership with our clients.

Spa Development

We work with existing spa operations but can also provide support to clients wishing to develop a new spa. From the drawing board to opening, 3d can assist in developing the spa concept and theme and then provide space plans and specifications for fit out of rooms and the specialist equipment needed. We will also produce comprehensive financial models with details of all the assumptions that underpin the numbers. We will recommend the treatment menu and product house to be used that will best fit your spa concept.

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