Fitness will be at the forefront of everybody’s minds on today as the nation prepares to celebrate National Fitness Day.

Nobody knows this better than the staff at 3d leisure’s Sketchley Grange Hotel Health Club, who are teaming up with National Grid staff in Hinckley to smash a Guinness World Record.

On Wednesday 9th September, approximately 800 staff from both the Romans Health spa and the National Grid will attempt to break the world record for exercising at their desks. Employees will take part in a 12-minute session of marching on the spot, leg kicks and side taps – all whilst ensuring their hands are free to answer calls and type.

Andy Rudkin, Manager at Romans Leisure, came up with the idea alongside the National Grid’s Leanne Thomasson. He said: “At Romans we like to do crazy things to showcase fitness and the benefits behind it, but this is certainly our most optimistic yet.

“The team at National Grid have been brilliant in helping to organise it and now we cannot wait to get our names in the World Records.”

The current world record for the most people taking part in one chair-based exercise session stands at 481, so the two companies will almost double the feat this year. Andy will be joined by adjudicators from the hotel to monitor the attempt, ensuring all paperwork is completed to be submitted to the Guinness World Records.

While the event will raise both companies’ public profile, it will also spread an important fitness message, which the National Grid’s Leanne is keen to stress. She said: “People often worry that they won’t have time to keep fit but we wanted to show that you can exercise anywhere – even at your desk.

“We thought this would be a fun way to encourage everyone to give it a go. We’re feeling confident.”