3d Leisure Partners with Caws® to Provide COVID-19 & Long-COVID Rehabilitation Programme Across It’s Corporate Facilities

Dec 23, 2020Charity, News

Several of our fitness coaches are completing the CAWS® Rebuild™ course “COVID-19 Rehabilitation for Fitness and Sports Professionals”. When finished our coaches will then be certified to work with individuals recovering from COVID-19 and those suffering with Long-COVID.

Paul Ramsay, Managing Director at 3d said: “This is a great opportunity for our coaches to work with those individuals who are struggling in the wake of COVID-19. Our corporate facilities will be offering support to all employees who have suffered from the virus and our commercial clubs will also be seeking to partner with local GP’s to offer a free referral programme.

“The industry has been banging the drum about how essential we are in the fight against COVID. Now that our clubs are open again it is time for us to step-up and show how essential our role is in supporting the nation’s health.”

Dr Colin Roberston, CAWS® Education Director added: “We are a sector that can bring about measurable change and really help the fight against the virus. No vaccine can give people their quality of life back, it will just prevent them from getting an infection. Our role is essential when it comes to realigning people’s expectations with what they can achieve, quality of life and activity of daily living — and beyond that. If we get this right, if we start to work with people and have that broader impact, we can grow exercise participation beyond where it has been for the last 25 years. We’re extremely grateful 3d for joining our initiative, as together we can help those people who are seeking help post virus.” 

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