State of the Industry Spa Snapshot Survey

Jul 9, 20243d leisure, Hotel leisure, News

Having read and digested the recent @uk spa association ‘snapshot of the industry’ report, we are able to compare ourselves to the UK market and identify areas of opportunity.

We are pleased to be included in a small bracket of facilities that are offering a wide variety of treatments and have all the facilities requested by the guests, including saunas, steam rooms, and spa pools.

Looking ahead we are aware that improving standards amongst competition is important as according to the survey 36% of spas, post covid, have gone through refurbs and 60% are now looking into refurbs, we are continuously working with our clients to identify where investment programmes will offer a return on investment.

Recruitment remains the most challenging area with 44% of spas currently having job vacancies. We are working hard with our sites to support this process, and alleviate the need for agency therapists; which 33% of Spas are having to use.

60% of Spas in the past 12months have seen revenue increase, which is a positive sign following the pandemic of a few years ago. We are delighted that our Spa sites are situated in that 60%, and aim to keep this improving year on year.

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