Partnership with award winning campaign JogOn to recycle unwanted running shoes

Jun 18, 20243d leisure, Charity, News

We are delighted to partner with award winning national campaign JogOn

Launched in 2022 JogOn has been on a mission to remove 1m pairs of running shoes form landfill. Inspired by a Guardian article which highlighted the fact that some running shoes could take up to 1,000 years to degrade in landfill, Tony Piedade, a keen runner decided to do something about it.  In April 2023 he set up the campaign as a unifying movement to address the issue.

2 years on JogOn has more than 320 collection locations across the UK and we have initially added an additional 36 3d Leisure locations to the partnership.

From Scotland to Dorset, members of a selection of our private, corporate, residential or hotel gyms can now find a JogOn collection box into which they are invited to donate their unwanted running shoes. 

Tony Piedade, founder of JogOn said “I grateful for the leadership and enthusiasm of the 3D leisure team to support the campaign.  Some estimates say that some 30m pairs of unwanted shoes go into landfill every year.  With 3d leisure’s help we can start to make a huge difference. The success of our campaign is largely down to our partners like 3d Leisure who take the campaign and make it their own!  Thank you for your support.”

Last year JogOn collected and sorted over 33,000 pairs of shoes. Incredibly, over 90% of which were still usable.  Trainers with life left in them go on to support a number of organisations both in the UK and overseas, these include Schools, Charities, NGOs and even HM Prisons.  Those shoes that are “end of life” and have no functional use will be properly disposed of through an Waste to Energy process.

More information:
Campaign Name: JogOn
Campaign URL:
Contact: Tony Piedade, Founder
Mobile: 07974667573

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