Our Complete Fitness and Wellness Service

We have created a comprehensive fitness and wellness service that aims to educate, motivate and activate all employees to have a healthier lifestyle. This will result in positive outcomes both for the individual employee and the employer.

wellness360 service model

This service is modular and dependent on the levels of staffing within your company; you can adopt all or part of this service tailored to your specific needs. The service can be packaged into a strategy that coordinates and delivers your wellness policy, reinforcing the corporate culture of care and providing your workforce with an efficient, direct and personal healthcare and lifestyle service delivered in one programme.

The service reaches out to all employees, not just the individuals, using the facilities. Through health fairs, seminars, activity programmes and marketing campaigns, our corporate fitness solutions encourage all employees to adopt a healthier lifestyle.


The programme has 8 distinct areas which are outline below.


  • Lifestyle assessment
  • Fitness and lifestyle assessment
  • Health check


  • Fitness centre
  • Group exercise
  • Personal training
  • Out of centre activities
  • Event management

Health Promotion

  • Wellness seminars
  • Health fairs
  • Showcases
  • Online content


  • Weight managment courses
  • Partnering with catering contractors


  • Managing a variety of third party therapists

Mind Fitness

  • Brain breaking
  • Corporate Athlete programme

Reward Scheme

  • Discounted shop
  • Network of clubs for remote employees
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