How to set up a corporate gym in 10 easy steps

As one of the leading corporate fitness companies in the industry, at 3d leisure we share our top tips for setting up a corporate gym.

1. Assess the needs and interests of the employees for a gym

Conduct a quick and easy survey to identify healthy living habits amongst your team. This can then be supported by a physical test on a sample group to measure some basic fitness indicators.

Employee involvement is important in the planning process, and a committee should be created that will aim to ensure the needs and interests of all the employees are considered and that the programme is responsive to the needs of potential participants.

Buying in from senior managers will be essential. Get their support and identify a champion early.

2. Develop mission statement and objectives

Create a mission statement and a clear set of objectives that are specific and measurable.

What do you want your corporate fitness programme to achieve?

3. Create a timetable and budget

Timetables should be set for club development, and an opening budget allocated for the set up of the fitness centre (build and equipment) and the wellness programme should be fully costed on a per employee basis.

4. Space plan and facility design

The space allocated needs to be reviewed, and a design plan created that can both deliver the operational objectives and work operationally.

5. Equipment specifications

Fitness equipment and other set up fixtures and fittings need to be specified and costed.

6. Consider management options

We recommend that you recruit a management company to deliver a comprehensive management solution and who becomes a true health care partner.

7. Set up incentive schemes

Incentive schemes can build motivation by offering individuals rewards for getting started and adhering to a healthy living programme.

These could include merchandise awards or even additional time off. Discounted health insurance premiums could be negotiated for regular attendance.

8. Promote the facility

The programme should be given a brand and theme that supports the company’s values and helps give the initiative an identity. Posters, leaflets and direct mail will form the core of the communication plan along with outreach ideas in common areas.

The intranet site should be developed to include information about the company’s health care strategy. The best marketing will of course be word of mouth referral from fellow employees.

9. Implement the programme

The fitness centre should be much more than just a gym and whilst being the focus for the company’s wellness strategy will also be a place where employees can socialise and develop team spirit.

10. Evaluate

The programme should be assessed periodically to assess its efficiency and effectiveness in delivering the goals that were established. Both the process and outcomes should be measured and costs considered.

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