Implement a corporate fitness and wellness strategy

Are you are looking for someone to manage your gym, or advice in planning a new gym?

At 3d leisure we pride ourselves in being to offer a variety of corporate fitness solutions. Do you want to:

  • Keep staff healthier
  • Show you care
  • Engage with your workforce on wellness issues
  • Provide innovative programming and ideas
  • A healthy workforce is good for business
  • Improve your employees’ morale

More and more UK companies are now implementing a corporate fitness and wellness strategy and introducing fitness facilities. By investing in their human capital and by being pro active with wellness promotion and employee engagement, companies are getting stunning results.

A well thought out corporate fitness and wellness strategy to promote workplace health can:

  • Reduce sickness absentee levels
  • Increase the company’s efficiency and productivity
  • Reduce employee turnover and the number of early retirements on health grounds
  • Promote a positive, health based corporate image of your company in the market place
  • Help retain higher calibre employees
  • Improve your employees’ morale and employer/employee relations generally

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