Corporate fitness and rehabilitation centre Global manufacturing plant

Aug 20, 2020

After a very structured tender process with many specific requirements 3d Leisure were appointed to design and manage this fitness and rehabilitation centre on behalf of a global manufacturer.  3d were appointed in March for a planned opening June 2019.

The plant has in excess of 4000 employees 90% of which are shift workers, facility was to be opened for 18 hours each day to accommodate shift working patterns.

Mobilisation team were responsible for:

  • Design of equipment layout
  • Negotiation of procurement tender
  • Coordination of delivery, installation and commissioning of all equipment working within extremely tight deadlines
  • Creation of brand
  • Development of digital platform for online joining
  • Awareness days throughout the plant prior to launch

Facilities include:

  • Open plan fitness and studio offering
  • Zoned areas functional, CV, Resistance, spin and weight zones

3d Leisure onsite team deliver:

  • Initial inductions
  • Comprehensive group exercise programmes
  • Personal training
  • Integration with occupational health team delivery bespoke health programmes and rehabilitation programmes
  • Nutritional guidance
  • GP referral service
  • Awareness days
  • Delivery of Wellness 360 service to all
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