5 Star independent hotel London

Aug 24, 2020

Independent hotel, previously managing their own leisure facilities.  Upon appointment 3d Tupe the 7 members of leisure team to 3d employment


Gym, Swimming pool, sauna, steam room, spa   


Club reported 400 members and had annual income of £80k per annum making annual loss of £40k.

Key action    

  • Audit of membership system (identified 250 paying members)
  • Proactive sales process implemented and monitored
  • All staff trained
  • Creative marketing plan created and executed
  • Analysis of staffing levels
  • Benchmarking of operating costs
  • Improved member journey to address high attrition levels
  • Improved local reputation through better management


  • Membership increased to 450 paying members end year 1
  • Year 1 income increased to £115k
  • Year 1 profit of £5k
  • Year 2 profit £30k
  • Years 3 onwards – consistently circa £40k profit
  • Contract still running 5 years after commencement
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