We provide fitness equipment and management solutions

For New Projects:

3d leisure provides equipment and school fitness management solutions to schools and colleges, gyms and sports centres.

This enables the creation of exciting and vibrant places to exercise during core hours encouraging pupils to increase activity levels. The facility can also engage with the local community, generating a revenue stream.

Dependent on the business model created specifically for you, these facilities could be offered at no cost and no risk to you; all you need to provide is the space.

For gyms and sports halls being developed we offer:

  • Market research to understand the demographics and opportunities
  • Feasibility studies to evaluate the potential
  • Strategic and financial planning
  • Full stakeholder engagement
  • Design and build support to optimise layouts and enhance the provisions of sports facilities
  • Working with school and college leadership, senior management and sports departments to identify how sporting provisions and the curriculum might be developed for the benefit of students, staff and the local community
  • Development of the business case
  • Best value, including the creation of a financial model to illustrate the commercial viability
  • Unlocking additional funding to further enhance the provision and mix of sports and leisure facilities
  • Planning for procurement and delivery
  • Exploration of co-location opportunities, such as health, leisure, public services, commercial opportunities

If a project was to go live we offer:

  • Ongoing design and build project support
  • Supplier sourcing and purchasing support giving client access to our national group buying rates
  • Health & safety management
  • Team recruitment
  • Team induction and development
  • Tailored Quality Management Systems
  • Communication with key project stakeholders
  • Programme planning and management
  • Marketing, promotion and sales
  • User recruitment, assessment and induction
  • Facility launch

Energise and Educate

3d leisure has developed a revolutionary programme for P.E; delivery called “Energise and Educate”

The key principle of the programme is 45 – 60 minutes of daily exercise offered to all pupils in school time.

The programme does not replace P.E. in schools, but rather complements current provision to address the decline in the fitness of young people.

Predominantly delivered using existing facilities and teaching staff, the programme can be enhanced with equipment using technology to attract young people.

The programme moves away from the traditional emphasis of team sports in P.E. delivery, there is emphasis on personal exercise and fitness goals, not sporting prowess. The programme will eliminate practices that can be perceived to humiliate or intimidate students.

The focus will be on individual fitness, personal assessment and goal setting; children can use monitors and technology throughout their exercise to measure their progress and heart rate.

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