As part of our school fitness management expertise, 3d leisure has developed a revolutionary programme for P.E delivery called “Energise and Educate.”

The key principle of the programme is 30 – 45 minutes of daily exercise offered to all pupils in school time.

The programme does not replace P.E. in schools, but rather complements current provision to address the decline in the fitness of young people.

Predominantly delivered using existing facilities and teaching staff, the programme can be enhanced with equipment using technology to attract young people.

The programme moves away from the traditional emphasis of team sports in P.E. delivery; there is emphasis on personal exercise and fitness goals, not sporting prowess. The programme will eliminate practices that can be perceived to humiliate or intimidate students.

The focus will be on individual fitness, personal assessment and goal setting; children can use monitors and technology throughout their exercise to measure their progress and heart rate.

The result of the programme will be:

  • Reduce the number of children that are considered unfit, obese or overweight
  • Ensure young people (and their parents) value their health and take responsibility for their actions, both now and into the future
  • Raise aspirations, self-confidence, self -esteem and productivity, including raising standards and attainment in schools
  • Reduce bullying, discipline and teenage pregnancy as well as alcohol and substance misuse
  • Support objectives and commitments in the local Council’s Transformation Plan and the NHS PCT’s strategy
  • Will help improve academic performance

Physical activity can provide other numerous benefits that will lead to:

  • A better quality of life and including disease prevention
  • Reduced feelings of depression and anxiety
  • Enhanced self-esteem and positive effects on the brain with several studies having demonstrated the distinct relationship between academic achievement and fitness levels
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