How 3d Leisure can help your Anytime Fitness franchise

As an Anytime Fitness preferred partner we offer a management support service that is bespoke to each franchisee own specific requirements.  The service is modular which enables you to choose the services you need most support with.

Our services support every step of your franchise journey.

Club Openings

As a new franchisee you will be looking to start your new gym on the right foot, 3d Leisure provide a service that focuses on delivering ROI.

With business plans, pre-sale assistance, marketing planning, competitor analysis, staff recruitment, staff training, long term goal planning and more, 3d Leisure will help you open your new club with all the preparation and support you need to create a successful business!

Performance Management

3d Leisure provide over 26 years’ experience in leisure management and provide a friendly face-to-face service that supports your club with all operational aspects; from equipment to staff, from training to budgeting, we can assist your business. Over seventy leisure clubs nationwide are supported by 3d Leisure – with this proven experience, we help you improve your franchises finances, your day to day operations, your staff retention, you customer satisfaction, and most importantly, your business’ long-term profitability.

With a focus on maximising the return on investment from your club, managing your performance and the performance of your staff, we will provide you with expert advice and regular personal support to achieve your goals!

Club Relaunches

If you have just purchased an existing club or are seeing a decline in sales due to new competition a club relaunch could help.  Utilising some of the services used for a club opening and performance management 3d Leisure could provide all the management support needed to relaunch your facility.  We have over 26 years in driving leisure club performance, increasing yield and profitability.   A performance audit performed by one of our 7 Regional support managers will enable us to create a relaunch plan which will be effectively delivered by your onsite team under the guidance of our Regional support network.

Why 3d Leisure?

With over 26 years’ experience, we know what we’re talking about. At 3d Leisure, we’re passionate and committed to getting the best out of your team and your club(s).

We manage and assist over 70 leisure clubs, helping and advising with club openings, performance management, marketing, staff management and recruitment, and more. We’re not satisfied until you’re satisfied.
Time is money, so why waste it? 3d Leisure understand the value of your time, that’s why we work hard to provide you with fast results.
At our core we are passionate about positive results. To achieve this, we ensure we engage with you and your team frequently, maintaining a strong relationship and reviewing performance to ensure your business is consistently improving and turning a profit.

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